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Preview of 2021

This year, the following legal developments can be expected:


Begin 2021: Already expected in 2020 was the aggregation of five (begin 2020 accepted) bills into one bill, and following a treatment of it in Parliament. Read more.


Before February 26 of this new year: The Canadian government has to repeal the “reasonably foreseeable natural death” criterion from the Medical Aid In Dying (MAID) regime. This is as a result of the Truchon decision rendered in 2019. A bill that amended the MAID regime with amongst others the repeal of the “reasonably foreseeable natural death” criterion, is waiting to be adopted. Read more.


March: In the Australian state Tasmania, the End of Life Choices (VAD) Bill is expected to have its final vote. Read more.


During the first half of 2021, the Spanish bill regulating euthanasia is expected to become law. Read more.

United States of America

This year: according to the Death with Dignity National Center, legal developments in the USA are expected in 4 states: Arizona, Indiana, New Mexico and New York. Click on a state to read more about it.


This year: The in September 2020 introduced and discussed bill to regulate euthanasia might be voted for in Colombian Parliament. Although euthanasia is for many years allowed in Colombia, it never came to a law. Read more.