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Start trial Marco Capato:

On November 8 2017, the trial against Marco Cappato started. Marco – one of Luca Coscioni’s directors – is prosecuted for having assisted Dj Fabo to travel to Switzerland to obtain assisted suicide (see our earlier items on this site).


He was remanded  to court because – aware of the prohibition by Italian law, including already the only assistance in accompanying to Switzerland  a sick person following his request –  he denounced himself after his return in Italy practicing a civil disobedience initiated under the name of SOS Euthanasia Assistance Civil Emergency along with Mina Welby and Gustavo Fraticelli.  The objective of this civil disobedience is to amend the prohibition as laid down in art. 580 of the Italian Criminal Code and to approve finally the  legislation about the end of life – completely absent in the Italian system, despite the constitutional guarantees about the self-determination of the individual in the health sphere and a consolidated jurisprudence thanks to the most famous cases of Welby and Englaro.

After this first hearing, the hearing will be continued oin sessions on December 4 and 13, 2017. The Association Luca Coscioni of which Marco is the treasurer, has launched a web campagn with the hashtag #ConCappato. You can support, through the social media or more concretely with a donation, the courageous civil disobedience which is now facing the crucial phase of the trial.

Read here the statements of  international personalities.