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Thaddeus Mason Pope counts how many people in the world can nowadays rely on medical aid in dying

This year, Thaddeus Mason Pope published an article in which he presented how many people in how many jurisdictions can nowadays rely on medical aid in dying.

The result: More than 364 million individuals live in a jurisdiction where they have a right to medical aid in dying. These twenty-two jurisdictions recognize a right to either self-administered or clinician-administered MAID:

  1. USA – Oregon (4.2m)
  2. USA – Washington (7.6m)
  3. USA – Vermont (0.6m)
  4. USA – Montana (1m)
  5. USA – California(40m)
  6. USA – Washington, DC (0.7m)
  7. USA – Colorado (5.8m)
  8. USA – Hawaii (1.4m)
  9. USA – New Jersey (8.9m)
  10. USA – Maine (1.3m)
  11. Australia – Victoria (6.4m)
  12. Australia – Western Australia (2.6m) (effective July 2021)
  13. New Zealand (4.9m) (effective Nov. 2021)
  14. Switzerland (8.5m) – Read more about Switzerland (
  15. Colombia (50.3m) – Colombia (
  16. Belgium (11.5m) – Belgium (
  17. Netherlands (17.3m) – The Netherlands (
  18. Luxembourg (0.6m) – Luxembourg (
  19. Canada (37.6m) – Canada (
  20. Germany (83m) – Germany (
  21. Italy (60.4m) (court only, not yet implemented) – Italy (
  22. Austria (8.9m) (court only, not yet implemented) – Austria (

Individuals in other jurisdictions have other options like VSED. Those with the requisite resources can travel to Switzerland where commercial MAID services are available. Or they can travel to one of the U.S. states above which have easy residency requirements. 

Read the original article on: MAID Is Now a Legal Option for 364 Million | Medical Futility Blog

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