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UK discussed Assisted Dying bill

On Friday 22 October, the UK House of Lords discussed the Assisted Dying Bill introduced earlier this year. After a Second Reading debate, the bill was referred to a committee for further study.

Read more on the role of Boris Johnson in this process: Boris Johnson gives up on weakening assisted suicide laws – ExBulletin

What’s next?

The private member’s bill is expected to go through all its stages before the Lords before it has a chance to enter the House of Commons early next year. The bill would only be debated in the House of Commons if the government gives it time or if the bill is taken up by an interested Member.

According to The (London) Telegraph, the bill is not expected to pass because of parliamentary time constraints and the opposition of ministers in Boris Johnson’s cabinet. However, there have been some surprising interventions and commentary. Several peers said that they had changed their minds and will support assisted dying. As Dignity in Dying pointed out, no peers have moved from support to opposition. Read more on the website of Bio Edge.


The Swiss non-profit membership association “Dignitas – To live with dignity – To die with dignity” urges Westminster to follow the example of countries in Europe and worldwide to implement an assisted dying law which adheres to the human right of an individuals’ choice over the time and manner of their end of suffering and life. Read their statement below: