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Victorian victory now definite

Victoria approved the final amendments in  last session in the Lower House. The law will be effective as from June 2019.

Andrew Denton of Go Gentle Australia in his last blog:

Success has many friends – but there are six heroes in this three year saga. 

  1. Health Minister Jill Hennessy showed huge courage and political dexterity in championing this reform.
  2. Professor Brian Owler had the right dose of medical and political smarts in steering the experts who devised this law.
  3. Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings showed he was special indeed in mastering 27 unbroken hours of debate.
  4. And Dr Rodney Syme,
  5. Fiona Patten and
  6. Colleen Hartland should also share the credit for their long-term advocacy.

To those within the Liberal Party who held true to their principles, in the face of enormous pressure, we raise our hats. This law, now that it is law, will only be used by a small number of people. But it will be a comfort to the 85 per cent of Victorians who support this reform to know that if they, or those they love, are terminally ill and faced with a fate worse than death, the choice can be theirs. 

And last but not least, thank you. May you never need this law as much as we’ve needed you.

Go well, go gently,

Andrew Denton