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Victorian VAD Review Board published 4th report

In Victoria, the Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Review Board published their fourth report about the VAD law that is in force since 2019. You can find the report below:

This report covers the six-month period July-December 2020 of Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Act.
The report is the follow up of the third report, that we published last September

In summary, this six-month report shows:

  • Access to voluntary assisted dying has grown – the number of practitioner administration permits issued increased by 31.6 per cent, and the number of confirmed deaths from practitioner administration increased by 81.8 per cent
  • The number of medical practitioners involved continues to grow – there was a 25.6 per cent increase in the number of medical practitioners involved in applications, although there is still a gap in some speciality areas and in regional and rural Victoria
  • The Statewide Pharmacy Service experienced greater demand – the number of applicants receiving medication increased by 30.9 per cent. Despite this, most applicants received their medication on the day they preferred
  • Applications were rarely withdrawn due to the applicant deciding not to proceed – less than two per cent of withdrawn cases were due to the applicant changing their mind
  • Compliance with the Act remains high – 95 per cent of cases retrospectively reviewed by the Board were compliant with the Act. The Board identified six cases to be non-compliant – although the issues were not related to the eligibility of the applicant.