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Legal situation

In short

Since March 2009, Washington has a Death with Dignity Act. The Washington Death with Dignity Act works well and as intended. Since 2009 (and measured to 2016), 938 people have been prescribed medication, 651 of which have also taken it and died from it. 

In 2021, a bill was launched to increase the access to death with dignity. 

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Washington Death with Dignity Act

This law makes it possible for physicians in Washington to prescribe a deadly dose of medication to people who have less than 6 months to live. The patient must be able to take the medication himself, and must be older than 18 and must-have. Two doctors are involved and they must also discuss all other options for care, such as admission to a hospice, with the patient. Two independent witnesses must be present when drawing up the written request. And the oral request must be made twice.

HB 1141: Increasing Access to the Death with Dignity Act

This bill is created to increase the acces to the Death with Digity Act. Read more on it on the website of the Washington State Legislature

Right to Die Societies in Washington

End of Life Washington – EOLWA

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Latest news

Even more updates from the USA

On February 24, our member Death with Dignity brought us again a new update on the developments in the USA. Minnesota and Florida introduced Death