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End of Life Options Act passed New Mexico Senate

On March 15, New Mexico’s Senate voted 24 to 17, with sponsor-accepted amendments, to pass end of life options for New Mexico. The Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act has now successfully cleared four different committee hearings and full House and Senate votes.

The bill
  • NO 14 day waiting period but a 48 hr. waiting period between the time a scrip is written and the time it can be filled, this waiting period can be waived if the patient is near death.
  • NPs and PAs can be prescribing providers, as long as one provider is an MD or DO.
  • The patient needs only one provider if already enrolled in hospice. Only one “ask”.
  • Universal “right to know.”
  • A provider cannot be sanctioned in any way for participating or not participating.
What’s next?

The Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act, HB47 is back to the House for a concurrence vote on the amendments. After that, HB47 is headed to the Governor.

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