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Legal situation

In short

In Massachusetts, bills are being discussed. The most recent developments can be found on the website of Death With Dignity.
Over the years, the state Legislature has rejected multiple attempts to introduce “death with dignity” bills.


In Massachusetts, 70% of state residents support medical aid-in-dying, according to a 2020 poll conducted by the Boston Globe and Suffolk University. According to the same poll, 74% of those polled said they would want doctors to stop treating them if they had an incurable disease and were in “terrible pain.”

An Act relative to end of life options

In March 2021, two new bills were introduced: H. 2381 and S.1384. This latest bill is sponsored by 84 members of the Massachusetts Legislature, with 67 House members and 17 senators. 

Latest news

Massachusetts developments continue

Nearly a decade after voters narrowly rejected a ballot question seeking to legalize medical aid in dying, state lawmakers are once again set to delve

Developments in Massachusetts

A bill that would give the terminally ill the option of ending their own lives medically is making its way through the Massachusetts legislature. The bill,

Developments in the United States

Developments are abundant in the United States. Here is what we see coming in the coming year: Activity in the West California legislators will introduce