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New York

Legal situation

In short

For a long time, New Yorkers try to realize a Medical Aid in Dying Act in their state. Untill now, without result. 
The most recent bills are from 2021:
In 2022 they failed to pass. 

Earlier proposals

In 2019, two bills are released in New York:

These bills are not been discussed in 2020 due to Covid19, and are still waiting for a follow up.

In 2021, New York Assembly member Kevin Cahill (U), introduced and assigned bill A 198 to the New York Assembly Committee on Health. The bill requires the Commissioner of Health to conduct a study relating to medical aid in dying in the event that New York State allows for medical aid in dying. The request refers to the two bills on Medical Aid in Dying (see before) that were introduced in 2019.

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